Video: Wendy Shay defends her ‘net worth’ statement going viral

Video: Wendy Shay defends her ‘net worth’ statement going viral

Singer Wendy Shay has been caught up in the web of trolls once again.

The Rufftown Record act has been lambasted by some people for saying she needed google to find out her net worth because she had no idea.

In the video, the presenter asked Wendy Shay: “What have you gained musically for yourself…that you can say I got this camera or I got this carpet?”


In reply, she said “you mean the material stuff? I have got too many, I can now buy the latest iPhone in town, I have a lot of stuff. Camera, iPad, I mean everything that a lady at my age would want.” (below)

Some social media users whipped her for ‘not answering right.’

This isn’t the first time Ghanaians are trolling Wendy Shay as her response to “Who are you as Wendy?” with Joy News’s MzGee also went viral.


Defending herself, the ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker said what she meant was “I could now afford things in a minute but back then I was buying things on credit even though I was working in Germany,” but people misunderstood her because “it came out as if I was trying to mention material stuff,” she said. (Below)


The YEA ambassador added that she knew people would read meanings into her previous statement but that wasn’t the case.


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