VIDEO: Keeping good health, where do you start?

There’s an old adage that says your health is your wealth. In Ghana what can one do to ensure he or she has a holistic approach to healthy living? The Health industry is a large one and not knowing where to start is a herculean task.

Philip Nanfuri gives some direction in the BUSINESS EDITION OF PM EXPRESS from Day 1 of JOY BUSINESS HEALTH AND WELLNESS TRADE SHOW at the National Theatre.

Firstly, let’s examined the world of private health insurance and the need to sign onto one as a complement to the National Health Insurance.

Business Development Manager of Nationwide Medical Insurance Isaac Nartey said, the prospects of the industry are bright but a problem lingers, under-cutting in the industry.

Some players or private health insurers in an attempt to woo customers, lower the price of the premium and in the event of a claim, what was paid cannot match what is sought from the insurer. This is one teething problem in the industry according to Isaac Nartey.

GB Health Solutions, producers of Master Salad said there’s a healthy way of cooking. There are ‘special’ utensils which can be used for cooking without oil and others as this will preserve the natural nutrients in these foods.

Efficiency was at the core of what GB Health Solutions seeks to achieve. Senior Consultant, Baffour Ofori-Atta, there tells Ghanaians to come and get one for the family, lives have changed due to this innovation in cooking.

But are there alternatives to the traditional way of looking at health and wellness? Well, Kristyne Twum of CedarLane Health Foods Store showed me there is.


Pranic healing is fast developing. It borders on the energy that surrounds us and how it can be ‘cleansed’. So the saying ‘I don’t like his energy’, is true after all! So what do we say too bad energy that is around us?

Finally at the core of a football team is a coach. So in the game of health and wellness, there should be a coach. CEO V&V Health and Wellness and a health and wellness coach, Iris Mensah-Anani, said being slim or slender does not necessarily connote a healthy lifestyle neither does being a bit weighty connote bad health. There’s more to it.

If you want to know more, take three quarters out of your schedule and watch the video below. It is akin to time spent in the gym. Do yourself a favour!

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