People aren’t celebrating GuiltyBeatz’s prod. on Beyoncé’s album – Ameyaw Debrah

The Ghanaian entertainment industry was taken aback when Shatta Wale, producer GuiltyBeatz were announced as collaborators on the new Beyoncé album, The Lion King: The Gift.

Shatta Wale since the announcement has dominated twitter trends and congratulations have also been sent to GuiltyBeatz.

However, entertainment blogger, Ameyaw Debrah believes many Ghanaians are not celebrating Guiltybeatz as much as they did Shatta Wale.

Speaking on Wednesday, entertainment blogger, Ameyaw Debrah said, although having Shatta Wale on the album is a win, Guiltybeatz getting production credits on the album has great impacts on the country’s industry as well.

Ameyaw Debrah
Ameyaw Debrah

“Producing three songs on Beyonce’s album is a big deal and worth celebrating,” he added.

‘Already’ the 11th song on The Lion King inspired album which features Shatta Wale was produced by GuiltyBeatz.

The ‘Akwaaba’ hitmaker also had production credits on two other songs on the album namely, “Find Your Way Back (Circle of Life)” by Beyonce, and ‘Keys to The Kingdom’ by Tiwa Savage and Mr Eazi.

GuiltyBeatz is the only Ghanaian producer to have aided in the production of some songs on the album.

“We haven’t heard so much of this already but Shatta Wale and GuiltyBeatz’s feature is buzzing across the continent. So, those out there in America know we are also a force especially with our music and presence,” Ameyaw Debrah added.

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