My 2017 accident took me to the emergency room – Cookie Tee recounts

My 2017 accident took me to the emergency room – Cookie Tee recounts

EIB Network’s radio and television personality, Shirley Tibilla, popularly known as Cookie Tee, has shared her life changing experience, detailing an accident she had in 2017 which has shaped her life till date.

The host of ‘The Zone’ went into into the Emergency Room of the SSNIT Hospital, Osu on December 30, 2017 after sustaining a deep razor cut on her upper arm.

She disclosed how the scar from the cut has re-shaped her life, how she got over the incident which has made her appreciate life more.

Cookie’s 2017 Cut

Cookie shared her experience on her new Youtube Vlog in a bid to motivate others who might have gone through a life-changing experience.

Recounting moments prior to the incidence, she said “that year, business was good. Radio and TV hadn’t really started on a good scale for me at that moment.”

She went on “I remember I had a lot of orders that day, the whole month was very busy for me. I had to make wiglets for so many customers.”

She explained “I finished the orders around 8:30-9pm in the salon. I was about to fix my own hair and the stylist started styling my hair. Then the razor and the comb she was using got stuck in my hair, and in an attempt to get the razor out of my hair, it drove straight into my shoulder. I literally saw my blood on the floor. the cut was so deep.”

Cookie’s Healed Scar

The Starr FM show host noted that “it took me about 3 months to heal. My life hasn’t been the same again.

She urged “whatever it is that has happened in your life, you tell it what it should become. Because you are more powerful than the bad thing that happened.”

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