Green light to reopen churches: A Whole Congregation Will Be Quarantined If……Research Scientist

Green light to reopen churches: A Whole Congregation Will Be Quarantined If……Research Scientist

Nana Dr Boakye Darkwa a research scientist, synthetic organic and medicinal chemist at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research has revealed that a whole congregation will be quarantined and tested in the event that a member tests positive for corona virus as churches and mosques prepare to commence activities. The researcher explained that keeping records of church members in this critical moment is very crucial in the fight against covid-19.

The President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo in his tenth covid 19 address announced reopening of Churches and Mosques from Friday June 5, 2020. This move by the executive has mounted immense pressure on the clergy and their principals who are supposed to swiftly put in place control measures to make sure the safety protocols of covid-19 are adhered to at the various premises.

Earlier on Perez Chapel International, International Central Gospel Church and other known churches openly instructed their members to stay at home until further notice. But Dr Boakye believes that going to church in this critical moment is not advisable to the congregants because the worse can happen and a whole church will be shut down and members quarantined and tested for the virus if a single soul becomes a victim.

Speaking on Delight Fm’s Morning Show “Me Man Nti” hosted by Wofa Agyenim Boateng, the researcher pointed out that the use of nose masks, veronica buckets, sanitizers and the practicing of social distancing is very important.

“This is not the time for pastors to widely open their church premises for members to go to and fro as it was at first but rather the 25 percent prescribed by the president which means not more than 100 congregants should be always followed to avoid escalating the cases” he said “We go to church to find wisdom but we don’t go to church to get sick” he again indicated.

Dr Boakye was quick to add that personally he will not be attending church service now even though the ban is lifted because he feels it is not safe yet.



Story: Kwasi Minta

Editor: Kofi Boahen Dankwa

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