Gov’t not being ‘direct’ over NAM 1’s detention – Justice Sai

Legal Practitioner Justice Srem Sai has said the government of Ghana is not being ‘direct’ with issues regarding the continuous detention of the Menzgold CEO Nana Appiah Mensah in Dubai.

According to him, the government appears not to be concerned, as they ought to be, in providing assistance to Mr. Appiah Mensah as deserving of a Ghanaian citizen.

“It’s quite curious to have an accused person who has been acquitted and discharged still in detention. A red alert makes it very probable that a person will be held in detention. What is alarming is that the deputy AG doesn’t seem to know what is happening in Dubai.

“The Deputy AGs speech and utterances is not any different from what an ordinary citizen will tell us. He’s not being very direct with what is happening. One would expect that the government will give all forms of assistance to NAM1 to retrieve his money locked in Dubai so he can settle his customers. The deputy AG’s comments doesn’t show any seriousness towards the issue,” he told Morning Starr host Francis Abban Tuesday.

It comes after Menzgold in a statement appealed to government lift the Interpol Red alert on their boss in order for his to mobilise funds to pay their aggrieved customers.

“All customers and the general public should be advised that our Emirati, English, American and Ghanaian Lawyers have forwarded a comprehensive communication to the Government of Ghana regarding the recovery of company funds from a Dubai Gold Company called Horizon Royal Diamonds.

“The facts of the appeal and more importantly, the unjustifiable Interpol arrest and
continued detention of the Chief Executive Officer of our company via the Interpol
Red Alert Order by the Ghanaian Government,” the statement said.

It added: “Among other pertinent factual issues raised with supporting documents, we urged the government to respectfully revoke the Interpol Red Notice Order or agree to a bail bond for the immediate release of our Chief Executive Officer of Menzgold to:

“1. Continue to pursue the 750kg of gold, now worth $39milion from Horizon Royal
Diamonds legally without this justice obstruction and funds from other debtors

“2. For the CEO to freely communicate and meet with our global business associates
and partners, who have expressed preparedness following our favorable judgment in
the Dubai Court on the 9th April, 2019, to assist financially and for us to adequately
settle our cherished customers/company debt liabilities as soon as possible, as we
seek to resolve and give immediate closure to these disturbing matters of the past few
months and in order to go ahead with our business as Ghana’s Gold Hub.

“We are hoping that government will make a decision regarding these disturbing
issues soon, to make way for immediate amicable resolution in its best interest and
that of our cherished customers, staff body, the company and the general public at
large, as we seek to continue to contribute our bits to National development”.

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