Freddie Blay interacts with NPP USA members

The National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Freddie Blay joined members of the party who have relocated to Ghana to discuss issues affecting the party, government and the country as a whole.

Acknowledging the contributions of the members of the party in the diaspora, Chairman Blay was very appreciative and full of praises for the members in the USA.

“NPP USA has worked hard and contributed in diverse ways to help the mother party. It would be the height of unfairness on my part not to acknowledge and commend the efforts of those of you in the US in our victory during the last elections. You supported the party financially as well as logistically. We could not have done it without this support. Those of you in the diaspora, including the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, China, name them, you cushioned the party in terms of resources. The party remains grateful to you.” he stated.

Mr. Blay assured them of the Party and Government’s support for them to grow their businesses and urged them to take advantage of the various business modules rolled out by the administration.

He also implored them to continue supporting the party to stay in power for many years as that will help Ghana to accelerate in its efforts to grow and develop.

Nana Adjei Yeboah, former chairperson of the party in the US reiterated the commitment of the members in ensuring that the party wins the upcoming elections without much hassle.

“We the members of the NPP in the USA currently in Ghana are solidly behind you and the Party. We remain committed to ensuring that this government succeeds and the party wins the next elections as that is the only way Ghana can develop”, Nana Adjei said.

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