Featuring Fameye in my new song was revealed in my dream

Featuring Fameye in my new song was revealed in my dream

Highlife artiste, Dada Hafco, has revealed what led to his collaboration with Fameye on his new song.

The former ‘Mframa’ member stated that, after recording the song, he saw the latter in his dream and that led to the collaboration.

In an interview with Doreen Avio on ‘Let’s Talk Showbiz’, the artiste narrated, “I was so excited after recording the song because I felt the song was going to come out with some magic.

“That night I kept reflecting on the song till I fell asleep, that night I had a dream I was performing the song with Fameye at a mechanic shop to school kids who had come for an excursion, they paid so much attention and sung along.

“When I woke up I texted Fameye the song and he replied to me when he woke up, requested for the location and he came later on and he recorded his verse,” he narrated.

When asked what his regrets in the previous year was, Hafco confessed, “ I have always wanted to get close to God so maybe this year will be that year I will do that.”

“Looking at the musical year, the New Year is going to be great based on your performance on your performance the previous year because music keeps growing and at the beginning of the year, awards schemes pop up and based on how well you did in 2019, your name is going to appear in the award schemes,” Dada reflected on his goals for this year.

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