FDA to strike out unregistered medical equipment

FDA to strike out unregistered medical equipment

The Food and Drug Authority (FDA) has begun a nationwide assessment of a good deal of equipment used in the various Health Facilities.

The move which has become necessary is to ascertain whether the machines, apparatus and equipment used at the facilities are of good quality, safety and in a good performance.

The inspection which is cutting across all the sectors of healthcare including the orthodox, traditional and alternative medical facilities will see to it that all the equipment in these facilities is fit for work.

FDA in recent times has received information of some Health Facilities using unapproved and unregistered equipment in the delivery of healthcare which is against the laws of the Authority.

Speaking on “ME MAN NTI” a social program hosted by Wofa Agyenim Boateng on Delight Fm 99.3 an Nkawkaw based radio station; the director in charge of equipment at the FDA Mr. Joseph Yaw Ben stated that the health facilities are aware of the inspection which is a usual thing.

“Health facility owners in the country knew that they must register any equipment before they put it in use, so FDA will be surprised to see some of this equipment not registered but are in use,” he said.

“The game goes with it laws so if you breach the laws it will deal with you, the issue is simply register your equipment with FDA before you use it, so if you refuse to do that then the laws must be applied to the stubborn health facilities “he added.
The assessment which will look at three key areas will cover the quality, safety and good performance of all apparatus, machines, and equipment.

The move which has been welcomed by Ghana Federation of Traditional Medicine Practitioners (GAFTRAM) will strike out all unregistered apparatus, machines and equipment from the various health facilities.


Source:Obuoba/Delight FM/Emmanuel Kwasi Minta

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