Don’t believe MPs who make big promises – Kate Addo

The public affairs director for the parliament of Ghana Mrs. Kate Addo has acknowledged that Ghanaians should not believe aspiring members of parliament who make un-implementable promises to electorates.

It has become a culture in Ghana that, prior to every elections some politicians including parliamentary aspirants make big promises to electorates and after being voted into the various high offices tend to renege on the promises.

These politicians make promises such as “I will construct your roads for you when I become the Member of Parliament”, I will build a new school block for you, I will pay school fees for all children whose parents are in financial crisis” and so on.

These aspirants mostly take advantage of the illiterates in the constituencies with their enticing assurances to win power.

But the sad and frustrating part is that, after they have won the power they fail to make those promises come to pass. This phenomenon seemingly has come to stay in our body politicking.

Speaking to Oheneba Kissi, host of Obuoba FM’s late night political show “Ka Wa Dwen” which is aired every Thursday from 8pm to 10pm, the public affairs director of parliament Mrs. Kate Addo gave the education, MPs do not build schools or roads with the little amount they receive from the common fund and that Ghanaians should not believe them when they come forward with such promises.

She further explained that her outfit and the entire august house are doing everything possible to educate Ghanaians on the dos and don’ts of the Member of Parliament.

“Any MP who makes promises is just misusing the English and Ghanaian language for his stomach, it’s about time we stand up against these actions put up by our MPs”, she charged.


Source: Ghana/ Mintah

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