COVID-19: Going to church in this era is very risky” – GMA Chairman for E/R

COVID-19: Going to church in this era is very risky” – GMA Chairman for E/R

The chairman for the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) in the Eastern Region and Medical Superintendent for Kwahu Government Hospital situated in Atibie Dr Arko Akoto Ampaw has stated that, going to church in this era characterized by corona virus poses danger as members may easily contract the virus.

There have been series of conversations, agitations and divergent opinions after the president announced the reopening of churches and mosques in his tenth covid 19 address with laid down guidelines and minister for chieftaincy and religious affairs Honorable Kofi Gyamesi also afterwards outlined twenty (20) guidelines to be adhered to before and during church or mosque worships.

Religious leaders were earlier on calling on the government to reopen churches for services to commence to fight the virus spiritually. According to some church leaders the guidelines for the reopening of churches are too harsh and need to be considered again.

In an interview with Dr Akoto on Delight Fm’s Morning Show “Me Man Nti” Hosted By Wofa Agyenim Boateng, the public health physician explained that, the constitution of Ghana did not provide any guidelines for the operation of churches or mosques so it will be very difficult to follow those guidelines during church services.

Dr Akoto who is also a Christian by faith said it will be advisable for members to stay at home for now because the church is an unrestricted place where a person can easily contract the disease.

“I will not go to church now even though the ban is lifted because I know what is there” he said. “We should expect a slight increase in our covid-19 cases as we reopen churches” he also added.

The divisional chairman said the association warmly welcomes the entire protocols outlined as the COVID -19 restrictions are eased.


Story: Kwasi Minta

Editor: Kofi Boahen Dankwa

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