Ashanti men are cheats, Fantes are not – Pappy Kojo

Ghanaian rapper Jason Gaisie popularly known as Pappy Kojo has declared that men of Fante heritage do not cheat in relationships.

There have been age-long debates about which tribes in Ghana are faithful in relationships well Pappy Kojo has made a final verdict as to who cheat in relationships between Fantes and Ashantis.

The “Aye Late” hitmaker made this known via a tweet.

He wrote; “Fante men don’t cheat , Ashanti men do”.


Pappy Kojo’s Tweet

So Ashanti men what do you think about this ? Do you think Pappy Kojo is being bias because he’s a fante or indeed Ashanti men are unfaithful in relationships.

Leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section.

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