Apple finally announces the release date of the new MacOS

The new version of MacOS will be released next week, Apple has announced.

After an event that unveiled two new high-performance chips and two new MacBook Pros for storage, the updated operating system was said to be available on October 25th.

Apple unveiled MacOS Monterey during its Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Since then, it has gone through a number of betas and a number of changes – including the gradual relaxation of some of the more dramatic changes that Safari first saw.

Monterey is also expected to announce without two of the main features announced during this WWDC keynote. In the press release on these new laptops, Apple said SharePlay and Universal Control will arrive “later this fall.”

SharePlay allows users to share content such as videos in a FaceTime call so that people can, for example, watch movies together on their devices. It has also been delayed on the iPhone but has surfaced in recent beta releases, suggesting a launch is imminent.

Universal Control lets Macs and iPads communicate with each other so files can be moved between them and controlled with a trackpad, but it never showed up in the beta versions of the operating system.

However, Monterey will bring new updates for FaceTime and Messages as well as functions that have already arrived on the iPhone with the introduction of iOS 15, such as the “Focus” tool.

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