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Stop stigmatizing Kenkey & Pepper as food for the poor – Doctor cautions

The Medical Director for HealthNet Medical Center, Dr Dennis Bortey has cautioned Ghanaians to stop shaming the delicacy Kenkey and Pepper as food for those who are poor.

The doctor explained that the local delicacy made from corn contains essential nutrients as compared to junk foods like Cheese and Pizza which he said put the health of many to the risk of several sicknesses.

Speaking to Cookie Tee on of TV3 New Day, on food poisoning and what to eat to keep a healthy lifestyle. The doctor explained that, often people mock others who eat healthy foods like Kenkey and Pepper with fish. That, he said forces people to over consume of junk foods to the detriment of their health.

“I keep saying that anytime you have food to eat, ask yourself what are the contents of the food even if they are natural food stuff and not artificial.

“You take pepper alone. You have pepper in there, you have salt, a bit of ginger, garlic and onion and even tomatoes. This is a whole meal and its better. Look at the content of what you are eating and don’t stigmatize by saying that Kenkey and fish is for poor people. Artificial spices can be dangerous”, he said.

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