Kwahus don’t entertain LGBTQ, Police report unfortunate – Obomengman-Kuo

A kwahu-based group, Obomengman-Kuo, has raised concerns over the police report on the alleged same-sex marriage at Obomeng in the Kwahu South District of Eastern Region which went viral few days ago.

According to the group, the customs and traditions of Obomeng and Kwahu as a whole does not recognize same-sex marriage.

Addressing the media at Obomeng Palace, chairman of the group Ampadu Siaw said although the police have noted their side of the story, chiefs of the area have rules and regulations that govern the society, adding the chiefs have poured libation to the gods of the land to pacify them.

“We would have had no defence if the activity was conducted in daylight and nothing had happened. Staging a supposed party at midnight isn’t ordinary here in Ghana, Kwahuman as a whole and in Obomeng particular. The police are saying it was a birthday party as announced but our eyewitness account says there was a lady in a wedding gown, another in ‘agbadja’ suit coming out of the event room and later changed to a party dress,’’ Ampadu Siaw, chairman of ObomengMan Kuo stated.

He added that “there is nothing hidden under the sun. we join our chief in his investigation into this puzzle and it came at the public hearing in Obomeng palace last Thursday that our witness statement was be trusted. The hearing was attended by 4/5 of all the stool house of Kwahu Nifa Division, headed by Nana Obo hene.

“On this note, we the indigenous of Obomeng Kwahu wish to assure all and sundry that they can trust on the alertness of the people of Obomeng to bring morality, sanity and aptness to our traditional area and by extension Kwahu Traditional area”.

Our plea to you press/media or private communicators is to be factual in your reportage which is an ethical requirement of your profession. Please do not infer on what you have not experienced for such attitudes will push us to fall n legal remedies to redeem our names as traditional authority”.


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