Akufo-Addo has taken Kwahus for granted – Concerned citizens fume over Cabinet snub

A group calling itself Concerned Citizens of Kwahu says President Akufo-Addo has taken Kwahu people for granted for not appointing any Kwahu to a cabinet Ministerial position.

According to the group, Akufo-Addo led NPP government has deliberately sidelined Kwahus from substantive cabinet ministerial position since assuming office in 2016. Apart from this the group claims, no major development has been carried out in Kwahu by the Akufo Addo led government despite massive support the NPP enjoy from the people of Kwahu.

“In a press release on January 21, 2020, from the seat of government, we were heartbroken to see that our President, a man we have loved and cherished and always welcomed in Kwahu, has once more, disappointed us. No Kwahu in an Akufo Addo Cabinet nor a substantive position?

Once again, the Akufo Addo Led-NPP has taken Kwahus for granted and thrown the ‘No impact’ regional minister portfolio at us, as if that’s the only designation that befits us”

The group said, ” It is on record that every government since 1992 has recognized the role Kwahus play in Ghana and has offered us a seat at the cabinet. H.E Jerry Rawlings appointed Mike Acheampong as his Agric Minister and Col. Osei Wusu as Interior and later to the health Ministry. H.E John Kufuor appointed Aggrey Ntim as Communications Minister and Aseidu Afram as Trade Minister, recognizing the role Kwahus play in the economy of Ghana .H.E. Prof Mills and John Mahama era also appointed Dr Edward Omane Boamah as Minister for communication and Julius Debrah as the Chief of Staff, a position that guaranteed Kwahus a seat at the cabinet”

According to the concerned citizens of Kwahu, “President Akufo Addo appointed Bryan Acheampong as minister of state which is still not a substantive position in the first four years. We complained about that, but the Akuffo Addo government did not pay heed”.

The group contended that the allegiance of Kwahus as a bloc since 1992 has safely rested with the NPP. “Our businessmen and women have funded the NPP. We have voted en bloc for the elephant, and in 2020 elections, all our constituencies performed above their expectation. Is it the case that we only contribute in all forms for the party and when there’s a victory we are set aside? Monkeys work, and the baboons chop?

Again, we are aware that the President has dropped H.E. Paa Kofi Ansong as his nominee for the Eastern Region council of state member. Today, the Kwahu Man will situs judi slot online terpercaya be competing with Nana Mireku Nyame Nyampong III, the paramount Chief of Kwahu Asakraka and Apedwahene Kwahu Traditional Council, another Kwahu Man, in a yet to be held elections. We believe this is a communist tactic from the old books, to eliminate Kwahus”.

The Convener of the group, Odame Agyare stated that, ” Now it is clear Kwahus do not matter in this NPP governments despite our unalloyed loyalty to the party, and perhaps it is time to ignore the elephant and look elsewhere!

Off the head, there are over a dozen Kwahu men and women who could be appointed to any political office, and they would excel, but we end up with none.

In the Ashanti Region, Ministers are distributed equitably, but that cannot be said of Eastern Region. From the four blocks, we see three Akyems and one Akuapem being selected to the cabinet. The Krobos and Kwahus get nothing in the cabinet. Maybe, we may understand that the Krobos brought no seat to the NPP, but that cannot be said of Kwahu that did not only maintain but appreciated its votes”.

The group maintained that Kwahu must be recognized for their commitment to the cause of the NPP stating that “an analysis of any election results since 1992 will show Kwahus have been faithful and transcends to constituencies such as Dome Kwabenya, Anyaa Sowutuom, Ngleshie Amanfrom, Amasaman, Trobu, and many others. Kwahu natives populate all these places, and we know how they vote”

They, however, lamented that President Akufo-Addo led NPP government did little in Kwahu. “The few times the President came here to solicit for our votes, he struggled to commission projects because there were none. No astroturf, roads, water systems, hospitals, virtually nothing major happened under the last Akuffo-Addo government in Kwahu. We are not considered when significant decisions are taken, and it is sad that despite our massive votes for the NPP they treat us with disdain. It is time we rise as a people and demand our due. And rise we shall”.

The group cited some significant towns in Kwahu – Obo, Twenedurase, Abetifi, Pepease, Tafo, Ahinase, Akwasiho “do not have access to potable drinking water with some slot88 resorting to drinking from streams which are also being used by animals”.

The promised rehabilitation of the Nkawkaw Sports Stadium has been abandoned. There are no jobs for the youth, thereby making rural and urban migration rise every time. This has worsened over the years and is fast dwindling the human resources of the area.

The group backed  claims by their chiefs that,” our MPs and other leaders not to accept any position to appease us but only ones that will bring real development to Kwahu and by extension Ghana. Let it be known that appointing Kwahu as Regional Minister is not one that we welcome in Kwahu. We can only be careful with politicians who always come to our town, pretending to love our people and offer us next to nothing after going all out to vote for them”

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